About Xlendi

Xlendi is a village in Malta situated in the south west of the island of Gozo. It is a well known bay for diving activities and has many caves

Caroline Cave is a cave on the right cliffs of the bay. It was once property of Caroline Cauchi, a rich woman from Victoria. Later she founded the Augustinian Sisters on Gozo and donated almost all of her land, including the cave and other land in Xlendi. The Sisters during summers started to stay at Xlendi. They would go for a swim in this cave which was isolated and could only be reached by stairs. So they would use this cave as their own and would not be see by other people in the bay.

Catherine of Siena Cave is situated outside the bay on the right side. It is well known for the very clear blue water. In the 17th century people used to live in the areas around the cave and built a church just over the cave. So the cave got its name from the saint to which the church was dedicated.

Xlendi has an array of restaurants, bars, cafes and ice cream shops, and a few souvenir shops. It’s very small beach with dedicated swimming areas is great for young children and families or walk along the sea and bask in the sun on the side of the rocks, great snorkeling opportunities and watersports available.

There is a bus every hour to the capital Victoria for your daily shopping needs.